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Capital Aikikai was founded in 1973 and has been providing a continuous program of Aikido training in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area ever since. As a not-for-profit corporation, it welcomes all people who wish to practice Aikido. Please click on the photo at right to see images from our first 35 years of practice in the D.C. area.


We are located in Silver Spring, MD, just north of Washington, DC. The dojo is easily accessible by car, bus, and Metro (subway). Please click at left or on the bottom of this page for directions to the dojo.   dojo photos

We practice on a relatively firm canvas mat, with a crushed tire foundation. The mens' and womens' changing rooms have showers, and there is a lounge area for guests.


Clyde Takeguchi Shihan is the founder and director of Capital Aikikai. Takeguchi Sensei is a shichidan — a seventh degree black belt — and a Hombu-certified shihan instructor. He began his study of aikido in 1958 in his native Hawaii. In addition to founding Capital Aikikai in 1973, Takeguchi sensei founded the aikido clubs in Madison, WI, and Charleston, SC. He has taught aikido at the police departments in Honolulu and Madison, as well as at the US Customs Academy in Washington, DC.

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Bill Plank is the chief instructor of Capital Aikikai. He holds the rank of rokudan — sixth degree black belt — and is a Hombu-certified shidoin instructor. He has been training with Takeguchi Sensei since 1981. Plank Sensei teaches several beginning and advanced classes during the week and is also chief instructor of the Jackson Hole Aikikai, in Jackson, Wyo.
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The teaching staff at Capital Aikikai is one of the most diverse and experienced in the United States. All instructors are members of the Capital Aikido Federation, affiliated with Hombu Dojo,Tokyo.

Dave Millar, Shidoin, 6th dan
Valarie Barr, 5th dan
Fred Richards, 5th dan
Sarah Guroff, 5th dan
Meipo Martin, 5th dan
Lou Mastriani, 5th dan
Tom Tedeschi, 5th dan
Mark Klock, 2nd dan
Brian Beach, 1st dan

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Capital Aikikai and the Capital Aikido Federation
are directly affiliated with Hombu Dojo and the Aikikai Foundation.
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